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 2021 初中英语作文 20 篇(涵盖 6 类话题)

 一、写人叙事类 第 1 篇(我的妈妈)

 I am Very Grateful to My Mom Now, I"ll graduate frommiddle school. I am very grateful to my mom because she has done much for me. I think words can"t show my thanks to her.

  My mom is an excellent teacher and we are in the same school. She works hardand often goes back home very late. I remembered that>helped me in time though she was too tired at night, and I was so thankful at that time. So my eyes were filled with tears.

 I would never forget it. From my mom, I got not>but also the deep love. Thank you, my dear mom.

 第 2 篇(我的同学)

 My Classmate Liang Ling Liang Ling, a 15-year-old girl, is a student in Class 1, Grade 9. She comes from a poor family. Since she was a little girl, she has cared for her family. Every day Liang Ling helps with the cooking, cleaning and washing. I asked her whether she was tired of doing so much housework. “Not really.” She smiled. “I"ve got used to it.” Though she is busy, she studies hard and gets

 good grades. What"s more, she is always ready to help others. Everyone likes her because of her kindness. In our eyes, she always faces difficulties bravely. No matter how hard the life is, she never gives up. She is great. Let"s wish her a better future.

 第 3 篇(我的新班主任)

 My New Headteacher How time flies! Three years has passed. I will graduate from junior high school. I will enter a new school to study. What will my new headteacher be like? I imagine that she/he is not>but also beautiful/handsome. She/He may be both patient with us and kind to us. She/He is also strict with us. I hope she/he is outgoing. She/He can understand us and make friends with us. If she/he likes doing sports, we can play together after class. She/He can get more knowledge from her/him. I am looking forward to seeing her/him! 二、事物介绍类 第 1 篇(提高英语成绩)

 How Do I Improve My English

 To improve our English, the school has given a list of books for us to read this summer. Of all the suggested books, I have decided to choose Secrets of English Words and Time for Kids. The first>By reading this book, I will surely learn more new words. This will make my future study much easier. Time for Kids is a popular magazine specially written for students, in which I will read interesting stories and have a taste of teen life abroad. So it must be of great fun to read it. Being part of this activity, I am expecting a big step forward in my English. 第 2 篇(端午节)

 Chinese Dragon Boat Festival Dear Mike, Glad to hear from you. I"d like to tell you something about the Chinese Dragon Boat Festival and how I spent it this year.

 The Dragon Boat Festival falls>are held in many places to remember a great ancient person Qu Yuan. We had three days off for this festival this year. During that time, I went for a picnic in the countryside with my good friends, and of course, ate zongzi with my family. I also watched the dragon boat races>I hope you can come to China next year and spend the festival with me. Best wishes.

 Yours, Li Hua 第 3 篇(旅游)

 Come to My Hometown Fujian for a Visit Hi, John, I"m glad to hear that you"re planning to travel around China during the summer vacation. I"d like to invite you to my hometown Fujian for a visit. Fujian lies in the southeast of China with Fuzhou as its capital city. It has a population of over 38 million. Because of the nice environment, it"s known as Refreshing Fujian, which attracts millions of tourists from home and abroad. If you come here, you can enjoy fresh air, blue sky as well as beautiful mountains and clear rivers. Many famous places of interest like Mount Wuyi and Gulang Island are well worth visiting. Besides, you can taste various kinds of delicious food. I"m looking forward to meeting you! 第 4 篇(我最喜欢的学科)

 My Favourite Subject In school we study many subjects, such as Chinese, English, maths, geography and so>I think English is very interesting. It"s used widely in the world. Wherever you go, you can

 use it. I can not>In the future, I will take

 notes carefully and focus>have some problems with my English speaking, I will turn to my teachers and friends for help. I will continue to study hard in my English studies and improve it to a higher stage. 三、建议做法类 第 1 篇(校园暴力)

 Campus Violence Campus violence (校园暴力) happens from time to time nowadays. It is harmful forstudents. It hurts not>As students, we should follow the school rules to behave well at school. It"s good for us to obey the teachers and parents. Also, we must be strict with ourselves. To be safe, we should keep away from Internet bar, and go to school and go back home> Besides, we should be polite and friendly to others, and don"t fight with classmates. If we have any difficulties in life, it"s best to communicate with our teachers and parents. In this way, our school can become safer and safer. 第 2 篇(建设文明城市)

 What Should I Do For the Strive? As we know, Anshun city is becoming more and more beautiful. Actually, Anshun is bidding for the title of “Nationally Civilized City”, which is a must for our city to become green and famous in China.

 As a middle school student, I am terribly happy for that, because I will do what I can do to help the strive. What should we do then? Firstly, we can not

 litter anywhere and we should keep the streets clean. Secondly, we should follow traffic rules at all times to keep safe. Thirdly, we should treat each other politely and behave in a civilized way. More importantly, we must plant more trees, flowers and plants to make the city become greener. To sum up, it is our duty to contribute to the strive and to struggle for the honor of “Nationally Civilized City”, isn"t it?

 第 3 篇(提高学习效率)

 How to Improve Our Study Effectively? A great number of students can"t finish their tasks, which leads to bad results and makes them less interested in their study. How can we solve the problem? Here are some suggestions. You need to find an effective learning method. Take advantage of class time to listen to the teacher. Taking notes will help you remember what the teachers says. After class, you should review your lessons in time. You should also finish your homework carefully. If you have discovered any mistakes, correct them immediately. This will help you form a good learning habit. Besides, you need to do some exercise. It can not>but alsobuild up your body. All in all, you should make good use of time>If you follow the advice that I have mentioned above, you will be successful.

 第 4 篇(合理利用时间)

 How to Spend Our Time Properly? There is no endless time for us to spend. So how can we make good use of time to make our study and life better? First, we should make sure that the time is under control of ourselves. Second, more time should be used in study. As we all know, it takes time to study words or to do some exercises. So, to study well, you are supposed to spend much time>All in all, time is a good gift from the god. Only when we spend it properly, can we make our life meaningful and colorful. 四、观点看法类 第 1 篇(阅读)

 Let"s Read More! Reading is very important in our daily life. We can get knowledge by reading a lot of good books. It can not> but also make us clever and happy. Our study can be improved if we read more important books. Reading also helps us grow up better. However, many activities take up much of our reading time, such as listening to music, watching TV and surfing the Internet. What a pity! So I would like to suggest that everyone should borrow more books and read good books. It will be very helpful to us! Let"s start reading now!

 第 2 篇(绿色环保城市)

 Let"s Build a Green City Together! As a middle school student of Ezhou, it"s our duty to help build a green city. So how can we help protect our city"s environment and make it a greener place to livein?Here are some small things we all can do and should do. First of all, we can ride bicycles or walk to school as much as possible to reduce air pollution and avoid traffic jams. Secondly, wherever we go, we should throw rubbish into dustbins to keep our city clean and tidy, and we shouldn"t spit everywhere.Last but not least, we should plant as many trees as possible to protect our city"s natural environment and make our city more beautiful. In my opinion, a green city is the key to a healthy life. If everyone makes a contribution to building a green city, Ezhou will become a better place to livein. Let"s take actions now! 第 3 篇(成绩不代表一切)

 Grades are not Everything I don"t think grades are important. Students have different abilities and some of them can"t be measured by grades, such as creativity, abilities to communicate and act.

 To start with, I wasn"t good at English and seldom got high scores>encouraged me to perform in an English play because of my good pronunciation and lively expressions. To perform well, I studied my lines many times and even dressed up like the character. While we were performing, I could hear my classmates cheering. How excited! Later, my teacher praised me for my wonderful acting and this made me more confident and interested in English. All in all, grades can be a way to measure students" achievements in schoolwork. However, different interests and abilities can make a students a full man. 第 4 篇(学生该不该用手机)

 Whether We Can Use Mobile Phones Our class have had a discussion about whether we can use mobile phones. Some students think it is good to use mobile phones because they can take photos with them in our daily life. They can also listen to music to relax themselves in free time. Besides, using mobile phones makes it easy to keep in touch with their parents and friends. But some others don"t think so. They think students shouldn"t use mobile phones. Using mobile phones too much is bad for their eyes and it"s a waste of time to chat with friends. Sometimes some students use mobile phones to play

 games. It will have a bad effect>In my opinion, I think we"d better not use mobile phones. We should spend more time>instead of using mobile phones. 第 5 篇(成功人生)

 How Can a Teenager Have a Successful Life? I have recently done a survey about how a teenager can have a successful life. Most students believe it"s necessary to study hard. After all, study plays a key role in their life. They also agree they should respect their parents, who look after them every day. Besides, they"re ready to serve the society and in their opinion it s really meaningful. What"s more, they think each teenager is supposed to make a good plan for future. From my opinion of view, we need to make some good friends so that we can learn from each other. Also, we must be active and exercise more to keep healthybecause it"s important to a successful life. 五、活动计划类 第 1 篇(晚会计划)

 The Plan of the Farewell Party My dear teachers and classmates,

 Attention,please!Our class is going to have a farewell party in our classroom> talk about “What are you going to be when you grow up?”. After that, we will discuss how to spend our summer holidays. From 10:00 to 10:55, we plan to sing, dance, perform magic tricks and put>it"s time for us to take photos together and give telephone numbers and addresses to each other. We can also write farewell words, give gifts and so>do some cleaning for our classroom. The party will be over at 11:30.

 I wish you all have a wonderful time. 第 2 篇(未来的我)

 My Life in 20 Years I"m always working hard for a bright future. I imagine what my life in 20 years will be like. In 20 years, I will play an important role in my family. I will take care of my parents. Maybe I will be married and have a lovely child. In my free time, I will get together with my good friends to talk about the past school life. We can also do other things such as gardening and doing yoga. What"s more, I will have a job and face new challenges. I think I will be a doctor and help patients. Last but not least, maybe I will have a robot. It can help me a lot in my daily life. In a word, I hope my life in 20 years will be a better>

 六、热点话题类 第 1 篇(共享单车)

 Bike-sharing Today, as a greener means of transportation, bike-sharing is becoming more and more popular in many cities. It"s known that it has many advantages. So it is enjoyed by lots of people. First of all, it"s very convenient for people to go somewhere. Also, it helps toreduce the traffic pressure. There will be less pollution because of bike-sharing. Besides, bike-sharing helps people take more exercise. In this way, it"s helpful to people"s health. However, it also brings some problems. For example, some people throw them away after using bikes.

 Even some people destroy them, and some bikes are stolen by thieves. In my opinion, everyone should try to be civilized and follow these rules of using bikes.

 As long as we take good care of bikes, they will make our life better and better, and our environment will be more beautiful. 第 2 篇(夏令营)

 Dear Miss Li,

 I am very happy to know that Datang School will start the summer camp. The middle school students from the Belt and Road countries will join it. I"d like to work forthe summer camp. I want to be a cook,because I want to cook delicious food for students and make them know more about our food culture. I can make many kinds of foods, such as dumplings,noodles and so>prepare delicious food carefully and keep the food clean and safe every day. I will try my best to let students have a wonderful time in our country. Yours sincerely, Li Hua 第 3 篇(二孩政策)

 Do you agree that your parents have a second child? Different students have different opinions about it. Some students agree with the idea. They think, if so, they won"t feel lonely and there will always be someone to play with. Besides, if their parents get older or ill, they can take turn to look after them. However, some students disagree. They worry that they will get less love from their parents if another child comes to the family. What"s worse, they may not get along well, or even fight against each other. As for me, I"d love to have a brother or sister as company, so that we can share our happiness and sorrow anytime.

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