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 2021 届中考英语作文开头结尾句精选 一、写人叙事类


 1.Today I am glad to introduce a teenager. His name is Cheng Xin. 2.I"m Li Hua and I"m very happy to stand here to talk about myself. 3.There is always something unforgettable in my life, especially the story betweenmy friend and me. 4.My friend Daniel encourages me a lot in many ways. Now let me tell you something about him. 5.I visited Hong Kong last summer holiday. It"s a beautiful city and I had a wonderful time there. 6.Liang Ling, a 15-year-old girl, is a student in Class 1, Grade 9. 7.How time flies! Three years has passed. I will graduate from junior high school.

 8.I still remember what happened between my best friend Lin Tao and me.

 9. This is a photo that is very special to me.


 1.He is a helpful boy who often helps people around


 2.He is very popular in our school because he is polite to everyone.

 3.As for my dream,I want to be a teacher,I"ll make friends with my kids. 4.Like many other boys,I enjoy doing sports,but maths and science are my favorite. 5.My favorite memory of my dad is that he always wants to keep me from making mistakes but he tries to let me find my own way, even though his heart breaks in silence when I get hurt.

 6.Though she is busy, she studies hard and gets good grades. 7.I imagine that she/he is not>8. Although I wasn"t willing to do it, I still lent it to him because he was my best friend.

 9.The next morning, I found a piece of paper. It said, “Never give up, dear. I am proud of you!” 【结尾句】

 1.I would be very thankful if you could give me the chance. 2.I am sure that I can be a good volunteer at the International Dragon Competition.

 3.After reading so many books, I get a lot of knowledge and also feel relaxed.

 4.As a student, I think I should always try my best to work for our school.

 5.This is my best dad. I love him and I"m so proud of him. 6.I had great fun in my last summer vacation. 7.Although I am not the best now,I will make every effort to become a top student and I believe you will be proud of me. 8.She is great. Let"s wish her a better future. 9.I am looking forward to seeing her/him! 10.Because I thought nothing was important than friendship. What"s more, I became very happy after I forgave him.

 11.How lucky I am to be his daughter! 二、事物介绍类



 1.I"m glad to hear that you"re planning to travel around China during the summer vacation. I"d like to invite you to my hometown Fujian for a visit. 2.You asked me about festivals in China. Let me

 introduce some important>3. I"d like to tell you something about the Chinese Dragon Boat Festival and how I spent it this year. 阅读

 1.Nowadays,reading is becoming more and more popular among us. 2.Of all the suggested books, I have decided to choose Secrets of English Words and Time for Kids. 3.The book I"d like to share with you is The Old Man and the Sea, written by an American writer Ernest Hemingway. 4.My dream shop will be a bookstore. I love reading very much,so I want to have a big bookstore.

 5.In school we study many subjects, such as Chinese, English, maths, geography and so>共享单车 1.Recently, there are a lot of shared bikes appearing>2. Today, as a greener means of transportation, bike"sharing is becoming more and more popular in many cities.



 1.If you come, you can enjoy fresh air, blue sky as well as beautiful mountains and clear rivers.

 2.Fujian lies in the southeast of China with Fuzhou as its

 capital city. It has a population of over 38 million. 3.Many famous places of interest like Mount Wuyi and Gulang Island are well worth visiting. 节日

 1.The Dragon Boat Festival falls>are held in many places to remember a great ancient person Qu Yuan. 2.On that day, we eat yuanxiao, go to watch lantern shows and dragon dances to pray for health and happiness for the whole year. 3.To welcome the new year, we do some cleaning, buy new clothes, set off fireworks and visit our relatives.


 1.I like reading newspapers and magazines, from which I get lots of fun and learn about what"s going>2. What I like most about the book is that the fisherman never gives up when meeting difficulties.

 3.There will be a big reading room in it and people can sit in the chair to read their favorite books or magazines. 4.Knowing English makes my traveling much easier. I can make many foreign friends, too. 【结尾句】

 1.This tells us that nothing seems terrible as long as

 we have a strong will and a brave heart. 2.I hope you can come to China next year and spend the festival with me. 3.Besides, reading can help me know more about the outside world and make me enrich my knowledge. That"s why my dream shop is a bookstore. 4. I will continue to study hard in my English studies and improve it to a higher stage. 三、建议做法类



 1.I am very glad to hear that you will come back to China and study in my school next term. Here are some suggestions for you. 2.I"m sorry to know that you are having some problems now. I"d like to give you some suggestions. 3.In order to have more chances to practice and improve English, we are involved inmany kinds of group work and pair work activities in English classes.

 4.A great number of students can"t finish their tasks, which leads to bad results and makes them less interested in their study. How can we solve the problem? Here are some


 5.So I would like to suggest that everyone should borrow more books and read good books.

 6.There is no endless time for us to spend. So how can we make good use of time to make our study and life better? 建设文明城市

 1.Nowadays we are trying our best to make Xining become a civilized city.As students, we must know what we should do and what we shouldn’t do.

 2.As citizens of Green City, we should not>follow the traffic rules.

 3.As junior students, we have also made some contributions to the civilized Suqian.

 4.Being a teenager of Lianyungang, what should I do to help build a civilized city? 5.Here are my ideas about how to create a harmonious community.

 6.Here I"d like to tell you something that will make your school life more comfortable and wonderful. 7.So how can we help protect our city"s environment and make it a greener place to live? Here are some small things we all can do and should do.

 8.With the development of the society, more and more eproducts are used in our daily life, making us live conveniently and comfortably.


 1.As we know, keeping in a good mood is good for our health and study. Here are some suggestions for you. 2.As teenagers, it"s very important for us to keep safe. But sometimes accidents may happen around us. So how can we keep safe? 3.Summer holiday is coming. And swimming safety becomes a big problem. So I"d like to give you some advice to keep off the danger. 4.Everybody, men or women, young or old, should have a good habit of doing sports. So should I, and so I do. 【中间句】


 1.If your parents get angry, you should try to communicate with them about it. 2.What"s more, you should be polite to everyone, which will make you get>3. Besides, if someone doesn"t want to exchange his or her ideas, maybe he or she may lose the chances to know more new methods about learning English.


 1.Do remember no matter where we go, be sure not to throw litter everywhere.

 2.To make it more and more beautiful, I often don"t litter everywhere to make the school environment cleaner.

 3.Firstly, when we are>4. In this way, we can be a virtue teenager and help to build our city into a civilized>5. Of course, we should set up a recycling site or even the recycling website the Internet to make it easier.


 1.To keep yourself safe,you mustn"t go somewhere dangerous. 2.Last but not least, when you are surfing the Internet at home, you should be careful to make friends>3. In the school, I take an active part in P.E. lessons. Sometimes we play football and volleyball. Sometimes we play basketball, table tennis or badminton. Football is my favorite sport. 【结尾句】

 1.I hope my suggestions will be helpful for you. 2.It"s our duty to do what we can do to make our city more beautiful. I believe if everyone makes an effort, Xining will be>3. All in all, we will try our best to do what we can do

 to make ourselves and Suqian city more civilized. 4.Everyone should make a contribution to the building of a harmonious community. 5.If you follow the advice that I have mentioned above, you will be successful.

 6.Only when we spend it properly, can we make our life meaningful and colorful. 7.Last but not least, the government can make some rules even laws to make people realize the seriousness of e-waste. 四、观点看法类


 1.As for it , different students have different thoughts. Some students stand by it, others are against it. As far as I"m concerned, I think study trip is good for students, and here are my reasons. 2.Do you agree that your parents have a second child? Different students have different opinions about it. 3.Last week, we had a discussion about the hot topic “To change or not”. I think different people have different choices to deal with problems.

 4.I have recently done a survey about how a teenager can have a successful life.

 5.When they come across problems, they don"t know what to do. The problem raises people"s attention. 6.We did a survey about middle school students" weekend activities. Here are the results. 7.As students, what should we do to build our country? I think we should study hard to get rich knowledge so as to make contributions to our country. 8.I don"t think grades are important. Students have different abilities and some of them can"t be measured by grades, such as creativity, abilities to communicate and act. 9.Our class have had a discussion about whether we can use mobile phones. 10.I have recently done a survey about how a teenager can have a successful life. 【中间句】

 1.As for me, I"d love to have a brother or sister as company, so that I can share my happiness and sorrow with him or her anytime. 2.There is no doubt that junk food is delicious and attractive, but it surely does harm to our body.

 3.What"s more, do more outdoor activities. As long as you

 are busy with something interesting, you will more probably get away from junk food. 4.In my opinion, those kids who are good at learning are able to manage their time very well.

 5.From my opinion of view, we need to make some good friends so that we can learn from each other.

 6.Instead of giving up, I chose to change. I tried my best to listen to tapes and practice speaking every day. 7.On>On the other hand, children shouldn t depend>8. In order to produce enough vegetables and fruits, they are busy growing plants.

 9.To start with, I wasn’t good at English and seldom got high scores>10. But some others don"t think so. They think students shouldn"t use mobile phones. 11.What"s more, they share the idea that teenagers are supposed to make a good plan for future. 【结尾句】

 1.In a word, both the cock and the hen are useful. It is wrong for them to see their own use instead of seeing others" use. 2.If everyone makes a contribution to building a green city, Ezhou will become a better place to live in.

 3.I"m sure a good balance between learning and playing can make a great contribution to kids" growth.

 4.All in all, it"s very important for children to learn to be independent. 5.In a word, it"s our duty to make reading become a part of our life.

 6.Sharing bikes bring people so many advantages, so let"s protect them and follow the rules of using them. 7.All in all, grades can be a way to measure students" achievements in schoolwork. However, different interests and abilities can make a students a full man. 8.In my opinion, I think we"d better not use mobile phones. We should spend more time>9. In my opinion, we need to make some good friends so that we can learn from each other. Also, we must be active and exercise more because keeping healthy is helpful toa successful life. 五、活动计划类


 1.There is an activity about Chinese traditional operas at 2:00 p.m.> 2.Before entering the park, there are some specific details we must know first.

 3.How is going?It"s time for me to leave school. You ask me what I can do for my school. Here are my plans that I would like to share with you. 4.Summer vacation is coming. I plan to do more reading. I am going to read more classics and more English books to improve my languages skills. 5.Wuhan is a beautiful city full of culture and history.

 6.The International Day of Charity is coming. Many people will do something for it. What should I do? Here are my ideas. 【中间句】

 1.We are going to have some meaningful activities. To express thanks to our teachers, we each should say thankful words to our dear teachers.

 2.Before you arrive, we will prepare a clean and bright room for you. 3.To begin with, we need to be clear about the location of the facilities.

 4.First of all,I will volunteer to do some cleaning with my classmates, such ascleaning the windows and sweeping the floor. To keep our school clean,we will ask our schoolmates not to litter at school.

 5.Then, we"ll invite you to our class and talk about school life. 6.Once, our community held an old things fair to raise money for the homeless people. 【结尾句】

 1.In a word, I"m sure you will enjoy yourself here. 2.It"s a chance for you to learn more about Chinese traditional culture. Come and join us! I think we"ll have a great time. 3.It"s really hard for me to say goodbye. I wish my school to have a better future. 4.I hope all of our younger schoolmates can live and study happily in our school. 5.If possible, you may watch Han Show. Hope you"ll have fun here. 6.In a word, it"s helpful for our society to do some charity. Many hands make light work. Take actions now to make our society more beautiful! 六、热点话题类


 1.Today, as a greener means of transportation, bike-sharing is becoming more and more popular in many


 2.I am very happy to know that Datang School will start the summer camp. The middle school students from the Belt and Road countries will join it.

 3.Do you agree that your parents have a second child? Different students have different opinions about it. 【中间句】

 1.There will be less pollution because of bike-sharing. Besides, bike-sharing helps people take more exercise. In this way, it"s helpful to people"s health. 2.I want to be a cook,because I want to cook delicious food for students and make them know more about our food culture.


 1.As long as we take good care of bikes, it will make our life better and better, and our environment will be more beautiful. 2.I will try my best to let students have a wonderful time in our country. 3.As for me, I"d love to have a brother or sister as company, so that we can share our happiness and sorrow anytime.

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